Dog Issues Advice Line

  Are you having problems with your dog that you are unable to resolve? Does he mug visitors, use your home as a toilet, nip you, hump everything in sight and generally behave like a hoodlum? Does she terrorize the postman, take over your bed, or refuse to come when called? Is he wary of people approaching him? Is he scared of his own shadow, does he have doggy OCD or is he terrified of bangs? Does she have selective hearing? Are walks a nightmare?

Or are you considering buying or adopting a dog and want to make sure you start off on the right foot?

I can help you with PUPPY PARENTING anywhere in the world. Learn how to be the best dog parents possible as he/she matures.

  DIAL - The Dog Helpline - is a dog behaviour advice line that you can call from anywhere in the world.

Please note: Distance help is no substitute for the 'real thing' - home visits, but where you are out of my area and particularly want myself, or if you cannot find someone local who you can trust, it could be your best option.

This is the area (in England) that I cover with work in your own home. I operate DIAL outside this area only:


 I am Theo Stewart ('The Dog Lady') 

VSPDT, ISCP, PDTE, INTODogs, Cert.Ed., PPG, DWA.  I am an approved Victoria Stilwell Positively Trainer.

To see how I work, why not take a look on my website at the stories of many dogs past and present along with their problems and approach used to help them: www.dogidog.co.uk

 Your DIAL session is carried out with Skype, GoToMeeting or over the phone, and is backed up by an email report that lists the advice you've been given.

Further 'air' time can be bought if required.



* Irrespective of where you live, you have access to an experienced and highly recommended Canine Behaviour Trainer.

* You receive personal, caring advice that's tailored especially for you and your dog(s).

* You can book help promptly at a time to suit you.

* You benefit from distance help with many of the advantages of home visits.

*Your DIAL session is followed up with email support, and further sessions can be booked if required.


To find out how I and
DIAL can help you, take a look through the pages on this website.

YOu can join DIAL - Dog Issues Advice Line (previously known as The Dog Helpline) on Facebook