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Your name, address and telephone number

Your Skype name, if you are on Skype

Name, age, gender and breed of your dog(s)

Is the dog neutered/spayed?

How long has your dog lived with you?

Your dog's known background

General state of health, and medical history

List people living in the house.

Very brief description of issues - we will go into them in depth later.

List a choice of three days and times (evenings preferred) that are convenient for an uninterrupted 2-hour DIAL session.

A photo of your dog(s) whilst not essential would be helpful.  

Disclaimer: In returning this questionnaire to DIAL, I agree that Theo Stewart and DIAL can accept no responsibility nor liability should any damage or injury be inflicted by my dog(s).  I also understand that this is not a 'quick fix' and that good results depend upon the work we ourselves are prepared to put in and in being consistent.

I also understand that there may be things that, due to this being done from a distance, Theo may not be able to pick up regarding my dog, our interaction with him/her and his environment.

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