This is the area (in England) that I cover with home visits. I operate DIAL outside this area only:


  Step 1Having checked the fee below, please click here to fill in the client questionnaire. This will give me a brief outline of your dog's behaviour and is a starting point for telephone detective work by myself.

You will be asked to copy and paste your questionnaire into a reply email and to state the times that are convenient for you.

Then you will be linked directly to the payment page.

  Step 2. Upon receipt of your questionnaire and payment, I will confirm a booking '2 DIAL-Hour' time-slot and book a telephone or video consultation on GoToMeeting or Skype.

If it looks like you need extra help with the technical side of this, I shall be in touch beforehand - we may book five minutes just to set things up and check the technology is working okay for you.

NB. If, having read your questionnaire, the issue is something that needs face-to-face help, I shall refund you promptly in full.

  Step 3: We have our DIAL telephone meeting. The consultation will end after two hours, though I will be flexible if there are necessary interruptions either end (probably due to the needs of our dogs!).

NB. If, at the end of our DIAL session, I believe the issue is something that cannot be merely done over the phone, I shall advise you to continue with a local professional. At this stage there will be no refund.

  Step 4: I will send you an email report, detailing the advice given. This means that you don't have to make notes or remember everything during our conversation, and it gives you something you can refer to in the future.

Your intital fee also includes 5 subsequent email exchanges or one month aftercare, whichever is reached first. If more than this is needed, then booking another hour will be necessary.

  Step 5: You will then be invited to book a follow-up one 'DIAL-Hour' conversation (see costs) - this is optional. Further 'DIAL-Hours' can be booked as required and each booked hour includes 3 subsequent email exchanges.

*Please note that cancellations require at least 48 hours notice to be eligible for a refund.



Two 'DIAL-Hours'

Includes 5 subsequent email exchanges or one month aftercare (whichever ends first).

£135 (other currencies at current exchange rate)


One 'DIAL-Hour'(Only an option if later on you wish to have further help)

Includes 3 subsequent email exchanges or one further month aftercare (whichever ends first).


NB. Further 'DIAL-Hours' can be purchased if necessary.



Some behaviour issues can be linked with health problems, so please ensure that your dog has first been health checked by a veterinary surgeon if a behaviour issue has arisen suddenly.